myTAASK originally called Panoptic-PM back in Fall of 2017.  Born from the mind of a project management expert, Thkisha “Dede” Sanogo.

At the time, Dede felt really frustrated with a term she coined called the “Perception of productivity.” In her work life, she noticed a major disconnect between the transfer of knowledge across generations.

In Dede’s personal life, she was finding it hard to manage three kids, a husband and time for herself.  She thought - What if I took my expertise in project management, my love of sharing and combine it with some super dope technology to help people live their best lives? 

Hence, Panoptic-PM was born.

Although the name changed to myTAASK, the goal has always been the same- to streamline the process of knowledge transfer and how projects are executed so that people can live more productive and efficient lives. 


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Our Mission: 

To build a global platform that utilizes task automation and community sharing which allows everyday people to accomplish their ideas no matter how big or small. 



What are you TA-ASKing?

Looking to plan something new but don’t know where to start! Let’s pull our knowledge together. Explore our database of ready-made plans, milestones, and mytaasks to drastically cut down your time and attention.

Why does myTAASK have two A's? 

My - incorporates the needs of the individual and TAASK represent the (TA-ASK) Technology Assisted - Asking Platform. People will soon be asking “Is there a myTAASK for that?



How do I sign up to be a contributing founder?

Shoot us an email at tsanogo@mytaask.com

Thkisha Sanogo

CEO + Founder

Lenin Basu

Solutions Architect

Sindu Rongali


The myTAASK team is one of kind. Our company culture is built off of our company values. 


We are currently looking for new tribe members. If you believe in the myTAASK mission we'd love to set up a chat. 

Data Scientist 
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